Kenya Coast

Kenya Coast


Kenya may well be one of the safari ‘capitals’ of the world, but everyone also needs time to relax and recharge either as soon as they step off the plane in Nairobi, or after being on safari chasing Africa’s big game. And what better way to do this than on one of Kenya’s many beautiful white sandy beaches. Palm trees swaying side to side, the warm Indian Ocean, the shore lined with coral reefs, making Kenya a superb destination for watersports and diving enthusiasts alike.

Mombasa town is centred on Mombasa Island, but extends to the mainland. The town grew as a result of the Arab trade in ivory and slaves from the 8th to the 16th century. It is known that Arab traders sailed down around to the coast of Kenya from the first century AD who continued to build trade along the ports of Mombasa and Lamu. Some of the major attractions on this island are Fort Jesus, fish farm area the haller park, mamba village just to name afew

The south of Mombasa harbours the tranquil Galu and Diani beaches. The whole area is surrounded by holy forests and sacred land, which can be explored by walking and biking trails.

North of Mombasa is Malindi/watamu and Lamu Archipelago./

Malindi is a small town at the centre tropical beaches offering a range of world class resorts and relaxing hideaways. South of Malindi is home to wide white beaches which is haven to a number of world class established resorts and private guesthouses.

Lamu is a small collection of remote, quiet islands, offering a true escape from the busy world. Many of the islands here have Swahili ruins dating back to the 14th century, making an interesting day trip.

While at the Kenyan coast, a must to do activities that will spice holiday are:

  • A visit to the Coral reefs rich with turtles and reef fish
  • A ride on a glass bottomed boat, dhow excursions and watersports
  • Snorkelling, scuba diving and big game fishing
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site at Lamu Island
  • Wild life safari at Shimba Hills

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